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Senior Wellness



We at Haven Animal Hospital feel it is very important to screen senior pets, 7 years and older. This is done in order to detect hidden illness(es) in those that seem clinically healthy.  As your pet ages there are changes that take place that can lead to serious illness.  If detected early, intervention may increase your pet's longevity and quality of life.  Therefore we have created these Senior Wellness Packages.  These packages are for seemingly well pets.  Please note that pets that have already been diagnosed or are currently ill are not eligible for the Senior Wellness Package pricing.





Physical Exam

Blood Pressure Check

Senior Wellness Profile (Superchem/CBC/T4/fT4)

Urinalysis via cystocentesis

Fecal Exam with Giardia Screen

Everyday Total = $385.43

Discounted Package Total = $314.67


Savings = $70.76





Includes all Silver Package Services

Abdomen & Chest Radiographs

Radiologist Consultation

Cardiopet ECG

Everyday Total = $875.93

    Discounted Package Total = $655.91


Savings = $222.02





Includes all Silver & Gold Packages Services

Echocardiogram with Cardiologist Consult

Everyday Total = $1154.43

Discounted Package Total = $891.76


Savings = $262.67