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Breed Certifications


Breed certifications are performed by accredited registries for many inheritable/genetic diseases.  A responsible breeder will have the appropriate breed certifications performed to ensure their breeding animals are producing heritable disease-free offspring. Many pet owners are devastated to find out that their newly acquired animal companion will be suffering from a genetic/heritable disease which will not allow them to live a long, healthy life.


Here are a few guidelines to follow prior to purchasing a new animal companion or prior to breeding:


  • Choose a reputable breeder.  Reputable and responsible breeders will warranty their animals against heritable/genetic defects.  They will have had the proper breed certifications performed and will be willing to share that information with the buyer.
  • Do not purchase from a pet store, puppy mill or cattery.  These animals are not breed quality animals and many have congenital defects.  They do not meet breed standards.  They are strictly pet quality.  

  • Veterinary exam.  A pre-purchase examination should be performed by your veterinarian, not the breeder's veterinarian.  While some defects or disease traits do not manifest until the animal has aged, many are detectable at 8 weeks of age. 

  • Check breed certifications.  The registries are available on-line to anyone as long as you have the correct information. 

  • Educate yourself.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with the breed(s) you intend to adopt.  Educate yourself on exercise requirements, heritable diseases (both inevitable and preventable), nutrition requirements, and temperaments.