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Animal Abuse


Stop Animal AbuseAnimal Abuse should never happen, but it does, and way too often.  Animals are defenseless and look to us for food and water, shelter, comfort, and companionship.  Animals are always there for us when we need them.  It is heart-breaking to think about the animals that are abused.  It is important that we all take a stand and stop animal abuse and animal abusers.

Many states have animal welfare laws, but these only offer protection on paper.  It is important that we take a stand when animal abuse occurs.  If you witness or suspect animal abuse, please contact the proper authorities to stop the abuse.  An animal's life and welfare depends on it!!



Clark County Animal Control 455-7710
City of Las Vegas Animal Control 229-6348
Henderson Animal Control 565-2033
North Las Vegas Animal Control 633-1390
Boulder City Animal Control 293-9283
Clark County Health District 385-1291


Please visit www.pet-abuse.com/ or www.hsus.org/acf/news/pet_abuse_disconnect.html and learn about animal abuse in your area.


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